Elevate your Mining Game with Iadara!

Are you a high sec miner looking to elevate your Eve experience? Whether you’re just starting out in your mining career or are a seasoned miner, come chat with us at Iadara Interflow Industries [IADAR], where our goal is to take your average high sec miner, whether a new or seasoned high sec miner, and elevate their confidence so that they begin to operate in a null sec environment.

How do we do this? Quite simply by utilizing the following process:

  1. We strengthen your mining skills, first and foremost. No matter what any Player-Versus-Player (PVP)’er will tell you, ships don’t build themselves. Having a solid mining ability will help any corporation you ever become a part of – whether high sec, null sec, or in between.

  2. We make you comfortable operating in low sec environments. We’re not talking with mining barges, we’re talking about navigating, operating, and simply existing in basic ships.

  3. We provide you with starter ships you can borrow. Whether we’re getting comfortable roaming the space of low sec or mining in high sec, we’ll help you get to where you want to go.

  4. We also make you comfortable in null sec environments. Once you get a good handle on high and low sec, we first dip your toes into the water of null sec. At this point, you’ll be ready for the challenge. We’re not throwing anybody into the deep end, here. Along the way, you’ll learn to PVP. The best part is, we are blue to a major null sec alliance which gives us some breathing room in operating in parts of null sec.

  5. Before you know it, you’ll be jumping back and forth between null sec and high sec with ease AND… you’ll be a part of the Iadara family forever.

For the manufacturer, we also have a ship building program – we are able to get copies of most BPC’s for whatever you would like to build.

What do we get out of this? Great question. First, we have an Ore Buy-Back Program that helps you help us. Next, we get you in null sec. There’s a lot of great opportunities out there and, having been a high-sec miner for over 10 years, it was scary for me to do. I want to help you have more fun – because yes, PVP against PVP’ers IS fun and adrenaline filled!

Our logo… the bird with the outstretched wings = we want to give you the ability to stretch your wings and soar to heights you’ve never been to before; the sword on its back = every great Eve player needs to know how to fight, and with us you will gain that ability; the color blue = In Eve you’re either Neutral, Blue, or Red. Blue is the color of friendship.

Shoot an Eve mail to Skyler Winters or join the in game chat “Skyler’s Pub” to learn more.

Currently US Timezoned, Real Life Comes First.

Oh, and we use regular people words, too - like “new” instead of “newbro”. I can’t even…

Fly Safe!
Skyler <O

Gimme some sugar, I am your neighbor! Or I could be! Come chat today! :smiley:

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