[ELHS] Empire Logistics and Holding Services WANTS YOU!

After an extended vacation we are back in the office cleaning up the mess and star dust, Recruiting, Veterans, Returning or New Capsulers!
Established in 2010 and rebuilding from the ground up! We need it all! Officers, Miners, Builders, Diplomats, Roamers, Educators’ and everything in between.
Is your Corp falling apart? Officers never around? No ambition? No Goals? Give us a try you have nothing to lose!

  • Mergers Welcomed
  • Base Office - Lower Debly Chemical Tech Factory
  • Easy Going, Laid Back, Drama Free
  • Located Amarr Empire regions
  • Experienced Help
  • Missions and Mining Ops WH, Exploration etc
  • English
  • Discord After Midnight
  • All time zones
  • Omega Accts only Please
  • Public In Game Channel - Past Midnight
  • Mature Pilots Please 18 and older with a mature attitude!
  • Tax a modest 2%
    ** New pilots please make sure you do the AIR Career Program, it will help you a lot and save you time as you progress further into EVE as well As gives you ISK, Ships and Skill points!!!
    ** In Game Contact Sassiee, Rusty Nals,
    *** Please if you are a Corp Jumper, Non Team Player Do Not Apply.

New Pilots, Old Pilots, or Experienced we need you!!!

Thinking of a change? Give us a try, all TZ’s and Skill levels and Pilots welcomed, Come and help us Grow and Grow .

3 More happy miners joined today!!! Who’s Next?

Things are looking good…Drop by and say hello, ask questions, Pub - Past Midnight

Early Morning BUMP!

We don’t Make False promises to get you to join, no schemes.

Corp Members now get a Significant Discount on BPC’s, Ships, Modules etc

Doors are wide open new members are here and ready to rock and roll!

This corp is a great opportunity for new and returning pilots, but we do want team players and people who are willing to work towards a fantastic corp. That means having some patience and staying power. We need leaders not Corp Jumpers.

14 days old and 17 members! Awesome.

Daily Bump…Bump

Come on and join up today!

Weekend bump

Bump and Bump again

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