Elite Alpha - Chatroom

Hello Capsuleers!

Elite Alpha chatroom has been operating for quite some time now. Our population goes up and down from time to time (usually based on my ability to let players know about the existence of the channel).

Our purpose is to welcome all new players to the game and answer questions, while you play. It’s a great atmosphere, and we have lots of new and older players, and lots of players with experience in all aspects of gameplay.

If there’s enough demand, we also set up groups for players to join to get a feel of fleet gameplay.

I myself specialize in mining and mission running so can answer questions on these subjects, and I love helping new players and answering questions.

I’ve been away for 2-3 months, but hopefully will be playing a bit more soon.

If you fancy sitting in a channel with nice people and sharing ideas/learning new things/just general chit-chat and answering player questions, feel free to come in!

Just open the chat channels list and at the top in the search box type: Elite Alpha

Have a great day!

Natocha Daisy


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