Elusive [LOLI] is Recruiting small corps!

Best Ticker alliance; Lolicon Monopoly [LOLI] is looking for small groups / Corps to join our endeavors in Nullsec!

Welcoming small semi-autonomous indy & PVP groups in all Timezones.

Semi-Autonomous whereas leadership is stable, and content (or the lack thereof) can be arranged though local (corp) channels, but will be supported by the alliance through Infrastructure.

Capital System has services including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Cloning
  • Athanor w/ Reprocessing + Moon Drill
  • Addition of more Structures and services like Market hub soon!

Living close to NPC null with Market & hostiles to provide PVP opporunities

Contact us through me @ Thermionix#8338 (discord) / "Kyun Kim Park"
or the " LoliMonopoly " in-game channel.
P.S. Bonus if you understand Animemes.

Recruitment still open!

Still open to inquiries!

Closed via polite request by OP.