✹✹✹ Elysian Dynasty - We are looking for all Divisions in EVE ! ✹✹✹

You are looking for an Hi-Sec, Low-Sec, Wormhole or 0.0 Corporation that has a high priority of own fleets? Than you are at the right place! We offer a good level of PVP, PVE, Mining, Missoning, Industry und Production ! We do not have any political influences so we can do what ever we want.

What we offer:

- Regularly fleets and campains 
- Nice ISK income 
- FC Trainings 
- Ship replacements 
- Support and training for new pilots 
- Advanced Pilots for support at any time 
- Fun in Game and good Teamwork 
 [Teamspeak, Discord, Killboard, Forums] 

We look for:

- Pilots that have fun in Teamwork gameplay.
- A good treatment with each other
- New Pilots (No Skill Level needed)
- Advanced Pilots (All Skill Leves wellcome)

We are looking forward to speak to you !

Admiral Ashatan, Commander Vorneus

Public Channel: New Eden Dynastys - Public

Recruting Open : :slight_smile:

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