Elysium Engineering wants industrialists and explorers

Elysium Engineering is recruiting explorers and industrialists for a startup corporation aiming at buying back exploration goods for use in T2 manufacturing, as well as using exploration bookmarks to guide miners and transports.

Elysium Engineering is part of an alliance where it has access to several low sec systems and has solid profit margins to handle buybacks.

Note that this is a startup corporation and infrastructure is under construction, some patience is required as the corporation is being set up to run consistently.

What we can offer you:

➭ Chance to take part at ground zero of this new project.
➭ Good rigs and facilities for industry
➭ Exporation ship hulls
➭ Connections for trades with good margins
➭ Orca boosted fleets with the alliance
➭ A social group to have fun and talk with

What we expect from you:

➭ The ability to participate and fulfill the role you have applied as.
➭ Decent behaviour.

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