[EUTZ] Elysium Engineering is recruiting explorers and industrialists

If you are an explorer who wants 95% jita buyback on your exploration goods, or an industrialist who wants to produce with like minded individuals, get in touch with Elysium Engineering. We’re an industrial corporation who focuses on the industrial side of exploration, catering to explorers and using their materials. We are open to training new capsuleers in the ways of industry and exploration.

Eliysium Engineering is part of the Minmatar Fleet Alliance, a Faction War alliance with teeth in the Minmatar Republic who gives us both business and opportunity.

What we provide

  • Fully fitted and effective exploration ships on contract
  • Access to production rigs with decent margins for industrial activities
  • Access to boosted mining fleets of varying materials
  • Skill plan suggestions and training plans for new explorers
  • Skill plan suggestions and training plans for new industrialists
  • Tips and advice for newbie explorers
  • Tips and advice for newbie industrialists
  • Exploration goods buyback at 95% of Jita Buy rate.
  • Salvaged goods buyback at 95% of Jita Buy rate.

Why might you not want to join?

  • Elysium Engineering has been an alt corporation for several years while I have been inactive. I have recently become active again, and so it is an old corporation with few members.

Send a message to Aeres d’Weberg in the game, or CalusV#4004 on Discord if you are interested.

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