Impetuous Industrialism - An Industrialist Corp Aimed To Help People Head Down The Right Direction In Industry

I have recently started my own corp - Impetuous Industrialism, and am looking to help people head down the right direction for industry and industry related activities (Mining/PvE/Scanning). Some of the things that I am able to provide are access to researched blueprint copies for most sub capital ships and capital parts. For new players there will be free fitted ventures available, and for veteran players I am aiming to start generating enough isk to where I can provide each Omega tune who joins the Corp a mining barge – dealers choice. I am also working towards providing anyone who has trained the skills a starter ship for incursions (which is a high class form of pve that generates roughly 200m isk/h) . For the players who are interested in Industry and also the PvP aspect of the game I am also more than willing to help teach you the ropes or if you are a veteran help you relearn the ropes. Along with my alliance leadership team we are suited to help new players and veterans alike in relearning the ropes.
Another thing that our alliance is able to provide is Drama Free Comms. We aim to make the game a game because at the end of the day it is just pixels on a screen and we understand that. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me in game (Karmynn) or on discord (Reason#3022).

P.S. I also do offer a 100% jita buy back program for all ores, ice, and gas (@Jita Buy Price)
TLDR: Laid back group looking to help people enhance their ability to do whatever they want.

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