New Player looking for Corp

I am a newcomer to this Game, who searchers for an Corp, which can show me how to PvP, do Abys, and especially how to make Money xD!
I am always ready to lose ■■■■ for a good cause xD…
Even though I am willing to learn everything(if thats even possible) about the game I’d like to have some people around with how I can play and also ask some questions.
Rn I am plaing this game for a few Days - quite active( few hours a Day)(60hours Playtime(but was quite a bit afk standing around)

Tbh, I wanna try out everything out in the game and dont know what to specialize in yet xD
→ 17-22UTC on weekdays
→ 17-2UTC on Weekends
→ Speak English and German(fluent)
→ From germany

Me In-Game:
->Alpha(Willing to spend some bucks on omega later on tho)
->1,75m SP
→ 50m Networth
→ Home in Jita
→ 0,15b Money made

Thank you for your Time!

Looking forward to an Corp where i can stay and grow WITH you and not just next to you!!! (edited)

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Hello I run a new corp, I’m looking for players who are interested in building a community. That is about having fun playing the game in whatever form that takes.

We have a discord server: House DeVries Enforcer's Militia
that you can get your questions answered.

Hello OObic I currently run my own Corp Impetuous Industrialism. We are looking for members that would match not only our personal interest, but also match our goal to develop as a community. We mainly speak english and have people on all over the clock. We are stationed out of Nimambal which is quite a treck from Jita but are more then happy to help you move assets or even just buy them off of you so that you can move and join us. If you are interested in joining I would love to have the chance to talk with you and see if you would be a good fit for our community.

Fly Safe,

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