[EU/US] Looking To Help Industrialist Grow Teeth (No Minimum SP)

Impetuous Industrialism

Impetuous Industrialism (Public Channel)

While Impetuous Industrialism is a newer corporation we have experienced leadership who would love to help new players and veterans alike to find their footing within the game. We do not aim to restrict your possibilities throughout eve which is why we have organized our leadership the way we have. Your input matters, and if you have any projects that you want to start feel free to start them and try and get other members to help you – you have our full support.

The main things that we want to focus on as a corp are industrialism, and turning industrialist into industrialist with teeth. What we mean when we say this is we want to help industrialist who are done being messed with become a force to reckon with – especially during this time of uncertainty due to all the change in the game. While we want to turn industrialist into industrialist with teeth our main concern is still Industry and other related activities.

While we do offer more than what I list here, here are some of the main things that we offer as a corp:
100% Jita Ore BuyBack Program

  • We Will Buy Your Ore at Jita Buy Price
    Regular Moon Mining Operations
  • We have established diplomatic connections with many groups in order to mine their moons with a relatively low tax rate (No more than 20% for R-64 Moons). We are also aiming to establish our own infrastructure (Athanors and Raitarus) throughout the region of space where we live.
    Jump Freighter Logistical Support
  • Within our Corporation and Alliance we have pilots who are more than happy to help you move stuff with their jump freighters at very low costs.
    Access To Our BPO/BPC Library:
  • We have an extensive BPO Library which corp members are allowed to access. In order to access the blueprints, reach out to someone in Corp Leadership and we will make them available to you or the copies available to you.
    Access To Our Mining Barge Fleet:
  • For mining operations far away from home we will have a fleet of mining barges made available to you either via contract or via hand out and return.
    Industrial Infrastructure
  • We have access to multiple Azbels and Raitarus with both capital and sub-capital production rigs in order to make your Industrial ventures more profitable.
    Interesting Conversations
  • The motto of our Alliance is, “We respect your right to free speech, but we respect other people’s right not to listen.” This is how we avoid talking about things that may be controversial or otherwise annoying.
    Ship Replacement Program
  • On all organized Corp/Alliance Fleets, any ship that you buy, bring to the fleet - and lose - will be replaced by the corporation. Provided that it had been insured and the nominal SRP registration fee had been paid.

For any further inquiries or questions you may have, please reach out to Karmynn.
Feel Free to message me on discord (Reason#3022)


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