Impetuous Industrialism - US/EU TZ - PVE / INDY

Industry is the heart of eve. I am looking to establish a group of people who understand this, but also who understand that in order to build an industrial empire you sometimes have to get your own hands dirty. The valuable resources, the ability to put up nice structures, and the ability to have nice assets will not always be uncontested. This is why I am looking to build a group of like minded people that way we can work together to advance faster and defend our advancements. Some of the things I can provide are:
Guidance For New Players
90% Jita Buy Back for Minerals/Ice/Gas
Structures for manufacturing
Access to many (if not all resources)
A Community

If you are interested in joining feel free to reach out to me in game (Karmynn) or on discord Reason#3022

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