Email Notice for Forum Responses

How do I set up this forum so I get an email sent to my real world email whenever I get a response to either a thread I’ve started or a post to a thread I’m following?
I see were this was discussed way back in 2017 but was a conclusion ever derived from it?

…Do you really want that, though?

Yes…Why wouldn’t I?
I don’t have time to just follow forums all day so if a response comes along this way I will know and be able to read it and respond if needed.

Because if you comment on or make a thread that becomes a threadnaught you could be getting a notification every few seconds.

Granted that doesn’t seem to happen much these days, but still seems unappealing to me.

You can’t.

It’s a side effect of how ccp got the forum to allow for character level logins, as it’s based on email addresses.

There was a bunch of discussion on it, and allowing character level logins beat getting emails.

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