Could you guys enable mail notify system?

(Mack Itinen) #1

1.enable the mail notify system
2.give me chance to modify my mail address in forum

(ISD Stall) #2

Unfortunately, the answer to that is no.
I remember CCP Avalon saying that the reason they locked us into specific dummy email addresses was so that we can allow all of our alts to have access to the forums, rather than creating one forum account with one character per Eve account.

I will ask him to confirm that when I next see him, just in case. However, if you want to get notifications, you can enable desktop notifications, and you can get push notifications to your phone using this application:

(ISD Stall) #3

This post may be worth looking at: Features: email notification / hiding forum categories / notifications mute

(Earnest Emu) #4

Can you at least put the evemail button at the top of these forms like the old one ? Seems silly I now need to go log in to 2 places to see forums and mails.

(ISD Stall) #5

Adding a hyper-link to the Eve Mails section of Eve Gate would be possible but that would be up to the developer CCP Avalon, and the community team.

It would only be a link to go to that website however, there are not integrating the new forums with Eve gate for a verity of reasons.