Endgame Corp Seeks Experienced And New Players (NPC Null Sec)

Hello Everyone,

I’m looking for members to help build a corp which will give experienced and new players lots of fun. The corp will specialise in showing new players what a wonderful game this is in NPC null-sec Stain under a relaxed and easygoing environment.

Initially I would like to take on experienced players who feel they are nearing the end of their time playing Eve and would like the opportunity to pass on their knowledge to the next generation of Eve players. Generally you will be helping to create a corp where new players can get assistance and direction. Typically you will be on comms advising new players and organising group activities like missions, combat sites, pvp, or anything else you feel would be helpful to their progress.

Once we have experienced players we will open up recruitment to new players and relocate them to Stain. It’s no problem for us to start in hi-sec while we build our numbers.

Obviously NPC space isn’t as hard work as SOV space which will help create a nice relaxed atmosphere, pilots can take their time without having to worry about mandatory CTA’s. This will be lots of fun if we can get the right people involved and it will be good to make new friends and share an amazing adventure. I think it would be great for experienced guys to leave the game on a positive note with a sense of accomplishment by helping to retain new players into this wonderful game.

I am very excited about this and I will look forward to hearing from interested pilots and I am very open to ideas which will help move this corp forward. Please feel free to contact me in-game via chat or evemail.

Fly Safe.

I’ve been playing this game for just over 18 years and it has given me the best gaming experiences of my life. Join me on this adventure and I will do my best to make it one of your best gaming experiences ever.

I will be considering creating an alliance which is centered around the theme of helping new players do PVE and survive in NPC 0.0. I’d like to try and change the perception of hi sec being the only place to PVE.

This will be a very exciting venture, it looks like there will also be a small blue community of more experienced players who will be interested in helping out our corp on a loose friendly basis. We are aiming to make this corp a great experience for new players and it will help create PVE players who are also versed in some forms of PVP and survival.

There is so much untapped content that new players can benefit from in Stain NPC 0.0, there are NPC stations which offer shelter and my corporation is in a position to supply all of your Tech level 1 needs as we own all of the blueprints.

This is going to be an epic adventure which I am very much looking forward to.

Experienced Guys I Got You!!! - If you’re looking for a corp to chill in under a relaxed 0.0 NPC environment and you just want to talk to new players and take some of them under your wing then Eternal Frontier is the corp for you. This corp is interested in moving the game forward by directly communicating with new players and showing them a different perspective of our beautiful game Eve.

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