Entropy Engine - Lowsec PVP Corp (And other stuff) - Recruiting now!

Entropy Engine is a growing PVP corporation based in lowsec.

We’re recruiting experienced PVP players who are interested in dynamic content at small and medium scale.

We also welcome newer players who are committed to learning the game.

We’re not looking for just another number, we want to strengthen our tight-knit community to help achieve our goals.

-What we offer-

  • Experienced, friendly members who are ready to help you develop
  • Training sessions
  • PVP content weekly
  • Black ops. roams, and wormhole PVP content
  • Select ships available so all members may participate, regardless of skill training.
  • Corp buyback, import/export, production, moons, mining and SRP services
  • Internal Market


  • Be kind to all players
  • Use of Discord
  • Have a working microphone and be on comms when online
  • Regular fleet participation

If you’re interested, come chat with us in our public channel “ENEN-Pub”
Or contact me ingame or in discord through: Wardast#8698


Come on people, don’t be scared to talk to us. We still recruiting until the new eden gate opens up once again. Come and have fun, veterans and new players alike!

Come along and talk to us people :slight_smile: Won’t hurt ro have a nice little chat. We are still recruiting.

Happy Tuesday! If you’re looking for a new home, we just might be the place for you. Hop in our discord if you want to chat!

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