Entropy Engine - Nullsec PVP Corp - B0SS Alliance [US/EU]

Entropy Engine is a growing PVP focused corporation based in the NPC nullsec region of Venal.

We’re a proud member of the Brotherhood of Spacers (B0SS) alliance.

We also enjoy access to sovereign nullsec space with all of the economic, PVE, and PVP advantages that go along with that.

Corp Goals

  • Create a fun, welcoming environment for people to enjoy the game and thrive
  • Provide income and PVP content opportunities to all members
  • Be a strong. reliable partner of our allies to ensure our mutual success

What we’re looking for

  • Sociable, humble players who can help maintain a fun/welcoming environment for our community.

  • PVP players who are interested in participating in all forms of PVP content at small and medium scale.

  • Players who want to help generate fun content for our group to participate in including: leading fleets, scouting, and helping with freight/logistics.

What we offer

  • Ship replacement program for all group level content
  • Daily PVP content
  • Periodic corp events w/ prizes
  • Black ops. roams, and wormhole PVP content
  • Regular moon mining available
  • Healthy local markets for seeding and procuring items/ships

What we expect

  • Be kind to all players
  • Minimum 25 million skillpoints
  • Regular use of Discord
  • Have a working microphone and be on comms when online
  • Don’t shoot blues, don’t share intel on blues with anybody.
  • Regular fleet participation

If you’re interested, come chat with us in our public channel “ENEN-Pub” or join our discord server here

hump day bump.

come collect dank isk out in venal with us!

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Still looking for “valuable contacts” lol

bump, still accepting apps :slight_smile:

We sometimes dive into wormholes for some good old fashioned piracy:

Tatara | The Sweet thunda from Down Unda | Killmail | zKillboard

Also, BLOPS action :slight_smile:

Related Kills | YXIB-I | 2022-10-24 14:00 | zKillboard

Join us and elevate structure bashing to an artform :framed_picture: :paintbrush: :art:

Battle Report Tool (evetools.org)

BLOPSing is always on the menu


(2) b0ss ■■■■ - YouTube


poster bump.

We’re still recruiting, come try out sov null life.

If you’re looking for a change of scenery, Venal is lovely this time of year!

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