Equilibrium of Man faction ships

(Bob Maths) #1

We already know that those ships will have the uniqueness of having Hybrid turrets on Amarrian hulls. This could be taken further and the ships generally follow the basic rules:

  • EoM ships have a special trait called ‘ECM Immunity’, which isn’t what you think. Essentially if the total combined value of all ECM jammers is lower than the sensor strength then they will automatically fail. I imagine with fleets of EoM ships ECCM will be part of specific doctrines to take advantage of this.
  • Their bonuses would of course be the respective sized modules for each ship class for hybrid turrets with some specialising in either Railguns or Blasters in addition to their general bonuses. The ships would have a racial skill requirement of Gallente/Amarr.
  • The ship ‘tags’ stating their speciality could be armour, hybrid, no drones, EWAR (specifically ECCM and ECM)
  • The T2 variants (i.e. the AT ships) will be immune to a specific form of EWAR, this could be remote sensor damps, target painting or whatever and reduce other forms of EWAR uses against it in addition to their racial quality. They will also have ECM superiority which allows their hit chances to be 100% if the strength is above the sensor strength of the target although I would expect that a balancing aspect of this is that there is a cooldown of the ECM module that makes it possible to command drones onto the ship
  • Capital ships have full immunity to multiple types of EWAR and heavy reductions otherwise

(Old Pervert) #2

Also known as complete ECM immunity. You can’t turn on multiple modules at once, which means modules 1-3 of 4 will miss. Module 4 will then end up with RNG, roughly 25% as effective as it would have been with the full stack of modules. This would also be technically difficult to implement because they would have to add a special exception to the ECM RNG calculation for said EOM ships.

You would be amazed how often this would not be the case. Even a Falcon with its 30% bonus to jamming strength, a T2 dispersion augmentor, 2 distortion amps, a faction racial jammer, and heat puts their jamming strength at 17. Anything as large or larger than your average T1 cruiser would be completely unaffected by this bonus.

(system) #3

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