"EoM rises again" (a possible concept for EoM ships)

disclaimer: most of my threads are usually about floating concepts instead of requests/suggestions, mostly to see how things can be changed to spice up the game.

Lore Background:

During YC120 a series of reports were made known to CONCORD from different intelligence organizations tied to the four empires. The cases involved isolated attacks all around New Eden from ships painted in black and blue, the vessels were seemingly Amarrian in origin but sporting a mix of long range hybrid weaponry typical of Caldari and Gallente doctrines, Drones were included in their ranks as support for their vessels and despite the retaliation from the local authorities the ships endured the onslaught until their last breath, almost with undying disposition.

The description of the vessels were undoubtely referring to the Equilibrium of Mankind, a cult which was purged and exiled in the Amarr Empire several decades ago only to reappear as a minor criminal faction all around the cluster. However, the ships noted in the reports were out of the usual classes registered in the CONCORD database. The investigation that followed brought up what many referred only in rumours, that the EoM were breeding a new generation of ships in secrecy, these new vessels were the end result of their tests and would soon become the tools for their reckoning.

Main Concept:

the EoM has remained a minor faction ever since the birth of the game despite having some following by some members of the community, up to the point that they even have their own set of skins. Despite using Amarr hulls, this faction makes use of Hybrid and Missile weapons and has a similar damage profite to Caldari and Gallente (thermal + kinetic focus).

this particular concept for them tries to capitalize on the fantasy that they are a fanatical cult that refuses to die, no matter how many of them perish all around the galaxy (usually at the hands of capsuleers), the faction as a whole keeps going almost like a wave of “undead” in order to fulfill their religious objective (purging the cluster from all the others and then claim New Eden solely for them).

Fighting Style:

this iteration of the EoM tries to capitalize on their old iteration (with some improvements) while sporting a special gimmick. using Caldari and Amarr knowledge they have perfected their ships for using hybrid weapons from long range while an extra backup of drones helps them to cover up the lack of firepower. in addition to this, their ships have been converted to sport a robust hull tank in order to outlast their oponents or die trying.


1. Zombie (Frigate):

-Caldari bonus per lvl -> 10% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret optimal range
-Amarr bonus per lvl -> 7,5% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret tracking speed
-Role bonus -> 50% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret damage, 15% bonus to hull resistances

4 highs (3 turrets)
3 mids
3 lows

350 Shield/350 Armor/700 Structure

Drone Bay -> 20 m3
Drone Bandwidth -> 10 mbit/s

other stats are similar to the Tormentor/Merlin.

2. Wight (Cruiser):

-Caldari bonus per lvl -> 10% bonus to Medium Hybrid Turret optimal range
-Amarr bonus per lvl -> 7,5% bonus to Medium Hybrid Turret tracking speed
-Role bonus -> 50% bonus to Medium Hybrid Turret damage, 15% bonus to hull resistances

6 highs (5 turrets)
4 mids
4 lows

1100 Shield/1100 Armor/1800 Structure

Drone Bay -> 40 m3
Drone Bandwidth -> 20 mbit/s

other stats are similar to the Omen/Caracal.

3. Draugr (Battleship):

-Caldari bonus per lvl -> 10% bonus to Large Hybrid Turret optimal range
-Amarr bonus per lvl -> 7,5% bonus to Large Hybrid Turret tracking speed
-Role bonus -> 50% bonus to Large Hybrid Turret damage, 15% bonus to hull resistances

8 highs (7 turrets)
5 mids
5 lows

4500 Shield/4500 Armor/9000 Structure

Drone Bay -> 80 m3
Drone Bandwidth -> 40 mbit/s

other stats are similar to the Apocalypse/Rokh.

NOTES: this is experimental so the stats may look a bit wacky. the intent is that you make use of the lowslot for damage mods and perhaps 1 or 2 bulkheads but not fill the ship to the brim with it. i’d like to find a good balance between hull vs everything else.

the main intent of the ships is to use railguns + drones as an additional so they have only a few mids and lows for anything else apart of tackle or prop/cap mods.

the racial choices are 50% from lore (Amarr mostly) and 50% because Caldari doesnt have much turret versatility so i wanted to look for some kind of big rail platform. the Hull Bonus was mostly for looking to add a Gimmick that felt true to the theme, Shields were an option but the only thing that popped in my mind was Shield Boost bonuses. Triglavs took many of the good stuff like Smartbomb and RR bonuses so its hard to find something exotic.


• 4 highs (3 turrets)
• 6 highs (5 turrets)
• 8 highs (7 turrets

So… no missiles then?

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IIRC their ships tend to only have 1-2 missile hardpoints. While there’s no problem with adding those HPs to the ships, I rather doubt they’d ever be full.

The EoM as a stand-alone Faction is an interesting idea. However, lore indicates their ships are hybrid and missile-based with some drone capability. They’re also weak to kinetic damage - something an omni hull resist doesn’t lend itself to.

that’s basically the NPC description. the playable ships have their own thing going on which is basically the same cas as with all the other faction ships.

also yeah the missile part is just something the NPCs do, for the most part they use hybrid turrets.

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