Discussion of the EoM Titan and Dread attack in Kahah

Let this here be the discussion for the attack in Kahah. I have as well, acquired another Encrypted Data Log from this attack for whichever organization requests it for analysis. I can deliver this via secure contract.


Some people take quite seriously the “If the mountain does not come to you, you go to the mountain”

Yeeted if needed be

So let me get this straight.

Alar Chakaid, right hand man of Khanid, Who was appointed to the Amarrian Thrology Council, which is one of the most powerful institution the empire other than the empress, was EoM all along.

Kinda makes sense in retrospect.

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Wouldn’t be so smug, what with the Brutor Vanguard veterans on the field.


Although Avatars do resemble some handheld “weapons,” a dagger isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. Was it painted black?

This being did some research into the Intergalactic databases and found some answers about some questions. That Avatar ship believed to be disappeared for years and their fit style coincide with their old description.

The Equilibrium ships are based off Amarr hull designs, but they have been extensively modified. They have been stripped of most armor plating in favor of advanced shield systems, while their weapons have been retrofitted to utilize rail gun technology. They primarily utilize dark black and blue color schemes, with some traditional Amarr gold accents.

It is believed the Equilibrium owns at least one Avatar-class titan, though it has never been seen directly and is known only through circumstantial evidence collected by a CONCORD investigation following the destruction of Reschard V. It has apparently not been utilized since the attack, leading to many questions about its fate. Some contend it was somehow responsible for the devastation that befell Seyllin, others say it was destroyed by Sansha’s Nation or the Jove (the only two groups who would seemingly not trumpet their victory over it).


And I have full faith in the Vanguard and Brutor Tribe and the subsequent investigations.

Just leaving this here too.

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Hello there,
Once I heard about the first attack I kept my ear to the ground and was able to help repel the heretics on their last two attacks; even coming all the way from Esoteria on this latest assault. I simply can’t stand by while these monsters continue to attack innocents.
Furthermore, during the latest assault I was able to secure an encrypted data fragment myself and was also entrusted with another. I hold no strong bonds to any one faction but rather spend my days exploring all throughout New Eden.
As such, I looking to deliver these fragments to whomever can put them to most use in keeping the common people safe, and put down these crazed dogs.


Hello Mr. Renton.

I am both extremely respectable and extremely motivated in the hunting of these savage animals. I was among the first on the scene today, having commissioned the Heavy Interdictor BARACHIEL specifically to hunt and hold Chakaid’s Avatar. I would be pleased to be awarded the solemn honour of passing your data fragments to those who can best make use of them.

Thank you.


I would be interested in taking them off your hands. They’ll be passed on to the appropriate parties.

My Syndicate would also be willing to pay a “finder’s fee”, if you will. Contact me if the offer appeals to you.

Greetings all,

I’m sure most of you are aware of my allegiances, the Data Fragment my fleet acquired will be held onto us until examination and Documentations are completed.

Once we are done with our use of it we will be handing it off to the ‘Respected’ authorities who in the past have requested such items.

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Anyone wants to preach some more about the poor “unjustly slandered, faithful servant of the Empire”?

Anyone at all? I know you’re out there!

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One of the recovered data fragments, specifically belonging to the Avatar Titan, was acquired by UNF through assorted means, and has been contracted to @Thoun_Gaterau , in Renyn. Perhaps, with this data provided, some agreement can be met about getting the FIO to step back its remaining presence in Eugales, and reign in the unnecessary involvement of the CDIA and DERAIL?

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icon Encrypted Ship Log: Alar Chakaid, Avatar-Class Titan "Gate to Paradise"
icon Encrypted Ship Log: Monne Arnoux, Revelation-Class Dreadnought

I’ve managed to obtain both Encrypted Ship Logs successfully recovered from the wreckage of the EOM fleet - one from one of the Dreadnoughts, the other from Alar Chakaid’s Titan - and will be providing them to Hetman General @Kanth_Filmir of Republic Command for analysis at their HQ in Auner. Of all those who have expressed a desire to obtain these types of logs, I trust the Minmatar by far the most to publicize gleaned information (though I’m still very concerned with Eifyr and Co., given the entire situation with Hilen Tukoss). I acknowledge this obvious partiality, but I absolutely cannot bring myself to assent to DED representative Oveg Drust’s request, given his and the DED’s past actions and complete silence in regards to vital information.

An Equilibrium of Mankind resurgence is a frightening possibility; only the Sansha can compare to the wanton death and devastation they wish to cause, and not one faction, not even the DRIFTERS, is so deadset on death as the EOM, who seek to kill every living human being in the cluster, themselves included. A return of the long-whispered Ocilan Ardishapur at the helm of this omnicidal cult is a worrisome prospect indeed.


It had to be that doomsday cult, isn’t it? No wonder the dreadnought attacks were so abnormal. But I wasn’t expecting them to take root so deeply. What in the Winds is so appealing to them about accelerating the complete extinction of humanity?

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Something something “Opening the gates of Paradise”

I mean if paradise is all these people want, I know this nice pleasure hub in Venal… Spend an afternoon there they’ll leave it loving humanity rather than wanting to eradicate it, lemme tell you.

Best part? Affordable


Aside from their hopes for the beyond, my understanding is that they don’t think we-- humanity-- belong here. To them, this is God’s garden, and we sully it with every step.

The “Equilibrium” they seek is the kind attained by matter and antimatter: annihilation.


My corporation, the Crimson Serpent Syndicate has, as others here have, procured an item of note from this incident. Specifically, an Encrypted Data Fragment.

If the Honorable @Akimaka_Seraki would be willing, I would like to pass it onto a representative from the State.

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I trust you’ll do the right thing, brother. It’s a Sebiestor spirit you have under all those alien trappings.