BREAKING: EOM Avatar and Revelations Fleet Destroyed Following Superweapon Bombardment of Kahah III

21:06 BREAKING: EOM Avatar and Revelations Fleet Destroyed Following Superweapon Bombardment of Kahah III

Kahah, Khanid – Equilibrium of Mankind capital ships subjecting the planet of Kahah III to railgun and superweapon bombardment have been destroyed in battle with capsuleers and Royal Khanid Navy forces. In a serious blow to the EOM, an Avatar-class titan piloted by the notorious Khanid Warlord Alar Chakaid was destroyed as it rained fire down on the planet. The supporting fleet of EOM Revelation-class dreadnoughts were also destroyed by forces responding to the devastation of Kahah III.

The Amarr Empire and Khanid Kingdom have condemned Alar Chakaid as a heretic and repudiated his actions as “grossest heresy, terrorism, and crimes against creation.” At present it is unclear if Alar Chakaid has escaped once more. Orders to hunt down and eliminate the EOM cult conspirators have been issued by Empress Catiz I to all houses, ministries and branches of the Amarr military. Royal Khanid Navy units are conducting search and rescue operations across Kahah III but there are reports of considerable destruction in the agricultural centers hit by the superweapon blasts and accompanying railgun fire.

Above: Broadcast purported to be from EOM leader “Ocilan Ardishapur”

CONCORD’s Inner Circle is meeting to consider this latest attack and review all available evidence and intelligence gathered from previous attacks, particularly in the light of this event, and the new information and evidence it provides. A broadcast on selected GalNet channels has also been made by a figure that is purported to be Ocilan Ardishapur, the founder and leader of the EOM. Amarr authorities have considered Ocilan Ardishapur dead for at least a thousand years but it is known that captured EOM cultists claim he lives and still leads the organization.

19:58 BREAKING: EOM Capital Fleet Sighted Above Kahah III With Reports of Superweapon Being Fired

Kahah, Khanid – An EOM capital fleet, reportedly consisting of several dreadnoughts and a titan, has been sighted in orbit of Kahah III. There are unconfirmed reports of a superweapon being fired at a target on the planet.

Kahah III is a holding in the Khanid Kingdom dedicated principally to food production and has a large population of commoners and slaves. A major slave rebellion flared up on Kahah III two and a half years ago, following a series of terrorist attacks using a weaponized version of the “Deathglow” narcotic. The rebellion was put down brutally by Khanid Kingdom forces including troops under the command of the notorious Khanid Warlord Alar Chakaid.

A recent Brutor Vanguard attack on the Inis-Ilix Theology Council station is believed to have removed Chakaid and his associate Orlon Zashev from prison cells where they were awaiting trial for war crimes by the Amarr authorities. This incident was overshadowed by the recent series of attacks on planets by mercenary dreadnought squadrons but some observers have connected it to these events. If a major attack against Kahah III is underway such speculations may well be vindicated.