Error connecting to chat server

Could not connect to the chat server at
Please ensure that this port is not blocked.
Check the forums for any reported issues.

Getting this as of a couple days now. When it happens I cannot see any chat or see any people in the chat (but I actually am in that chat list as I can see from my other account).

Also, speaking of other account, if I’m correctly connected on one account but not on the other, clearly this port is not blocked so I do not see why I’m getting this error.

Sometimes I get this message, sometimes I don’t, sometimes my second account gets it while the first doesn’t, or the other way around. When I retry it sometimes connects, sometimes it doesn’t. What’s going on?

And how do I fix this?

Even worse now.

It used to be only when logging in or switching accounts that the chat server refuses to connect. But once I was past that point of logging in I had no further issue with the chat server.

Just now I had no trouble with the chat in one system, yet when I jumped to the next my local chat was empty. Just showed ‘3 people in system’. No names, just an empty chat.

(As this system had a known gate camper I couldn’t determine whether flying to the gate would get me killed or not, which is why it is kind of dangerous not to have a functioning chat system. I jumped out and in of system to fix the chat system and indeed, the gate camper was in system.)

Please fix this.

Having this same issue

Luckily that issue didn’t persist for me for long. No idea what caused it and no idea why it stopped.

Let’s hope it goes away for you too.

Having this problem today.

Dray Cil

Same issue, just started today. relogging does not seem to affect it. It pops up on every pilot, in multiple different systems.

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