Error, Could not copy files for Singularity

Getting Error “Could not copy files for Singularity” on this new patch on SISI.
Any ideas on a fix?

After digging in the launcher logfiles I found the error.
2018-02-28T23:05:12.489Z default debug Copying “C:/EVE/SharedCache//ResFiles/37/37f1ff3feeb6e7a7_c47d0d89cfa3f57035a13c3bdeee66a9” to "C:/EVE/SharedCache/sisi/bin/_PlanetResources.dll"
2018-02-28T23:05:12.489Z default debug Couldn’t copy file: C:/EVE/SharedCache/sisi/bin/_PlanetResources.dll

Try this:

On the launcher window in the top left there is a settings button, click it and choose “shared cache…”

A pop up opens and gives you the option to “verify”. Do this and wait.

Done 2x Times. Also used rescache.exe manualy and downloaded all the files but no difference at all.

Try to delete the file manually, then verify again.

Problem solved, seems like files where locked by an instance of exefile.exe even if it was not showing in taskmanager at all. A reboot fixed it. :smiley:

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