Ersin's WarDec & Corporation Agent System Suggestion

I suggested this a while ago in “Wardec Discussion Discord” after CCP announced about incoming wardec changes. So here I am posting it in here to reach broader audience.

I was a member of EVE University and lived in their HiSec Campus (as well as other campuses) for a long time. Living in Hisec and being a member of EVE University means that you get a lot of attention from wardeccers and learn about wars. I enjoy almost all aspects of New Eden from PvE to PvP from solo activities to fleet activies in all kind of systems (hisec, lowsec, null and wormholes).

With this suggestion I tried to bring more content to wars by providing defending party a target to engage for forcing real battles and by giving objectives to both parties of the war with objective base war system. Also instead of eliminating the neutral logi at all, I suggest to add a new timer that may make things much interesting while making it simple for defending party logistics.

Also by suggesting “war contracts” I tried to make things interesting and fun for mercenary wars.

As a bonus I am suggesting Corporation Agents and Corporation LP Stores for more content overall (even though the extreme risk of being called as carebear :slight_smile: ).

I am not claiming that I have the best knowledge and my suggestions are the best, but I think being in a corporation that is subjected to wardecs almost constantly gave me the knowledge and some perspective to discuss these issues. So here I am.

I hope whathever decided by CCP for the future of wars, it will be fun for all parties.

War Mechanics

  • If a corporation wants to declare war on another corporation/alliance it should have one online Upwell Command service module online.
  • Corporation is asked what type of war campaign it wants to enable.
    • War of Attrition (Most ISK Destroyed)
    • Regional Conflict
    • Structure Warfare (Destroy Structure(s))
    • Total War
    • Mutual War
  • Each of those campaigns come with related objective,and LP rewards (& tactical victory points) when those objectives completed. Campaign type will not affect the cost of war declaration.
  • Also staging location for the war should be stated (the structure with the online Upwell Command service) and when war is declared this structure will be designated as staging location and defender corporation/alliance will be informed about the location (system) of the structure.
  • When the war is declared it is added to the war campaign counts (which is limited depending on the online Upwell Command service module), however if the war is mutual, although it still requires command service for declaration, it won’t affect the total count.
  • If structure with the online Upwell Command service module is destroyed, then aggressor will have a limited time to move their operations to another base (4 hours-24 hours). Failure will lead all wars staging from that structure drop within 4-24 hours.
  • If an alliance wants to declare war, all the member corporations should meet the Upwell Command service requirements as well.
  • If a member corporation leaves the aggressor alliance, all wars & war campaigns will be inherited from the alliance and moved into their own structure with online Upwell Command service.
  • When a corporation/alliance at war, all member capsuleers will have a War Timer (War Flag) all the time, until all wars are over.
  • If a neutral capsuleer interferes the war by giving support to any warring faction, he/she will inherit that War Timer (War Flag) and all the wars entitled with that timer for 15 minutes, in addition to suspect timer, basically making them legal wartargets to all opponent faction capsuleers without CONCORD intervention and/or any suspect/criminal flag. This will prevent in-corp logistics to go suspect if they simply repairing their own corporation members when fighting against neutral logistics.

Upwell Command Service

Three new Upwell structure services will be available for declaring and sustaining war. Online Upwell Command service is required to declare a war and having war campaigns.

  • Upwell Command Office
    • Can be fitted into Medium, Large, and X-Large size Citadels
    • Can sustain 5 wars
    • Price : 100 PLEX
    • Fuel Consumption : 5 units/cycle
  • Upwell Command Center
    • Can be fitted into Large, and X-Large size Citadels
    • Can sustain 25 wars
    • Price : 500 PLEX
    • Fuel Consumption : 25 units/cycle
  • Upwell Command Headquarters
    • Can be fitted into X-Large size Citadels
    • Can sustain unlimited wars
    • Price : 5000 PLEX
    • Fuel Consumption : 200 units/cycle

Only one Upwell Command service can fitted into one structure, and only one Upwell Command service can be online within the entire corporation at any given time.

Upwell Command services are available for Known Space only/ Empire Space only / Hi-Sec only.

Upwell Command service enables war declaration & war campaigns.

Upwell Command service enables war campaign default missions depending on the war campaign types (set by CONCORD)

Upwell Command service enables war campaign missions set by capsuleer corporations as well (such as; kill number of ships, kill number of industrial ships, kill ISK, destroy structure, etc). Corporation LP & ISK rewards may be given for each mission.

War Contracts

Objective and/or time based war contracts can be set by corporations. Objectives can be set for each contract and rewards can be cumulative.

  • Time frame for war
  • Objectives : Kill Structure(s), Kill Ships, Destroy ISK, Kill Industrial Ships

Upwell Agent Office

A new Upwell service available for all type and size of Upwell structures. Enables Corporation Agents & Corporation Missions. So basically corporation officials can create (and modify / delete) custom corporation missions that can be enabled by member capsuleers (or ACL based selection). Missions type can be selected by the capsuleer when he/she interacts with the agent, and one type can be selected to get a mission offer.

Categories may be;

  • Logistics
  • Industry
  • Trade
  • Bounty
  • Epic Arc

Logistics Mission asks capsuleer to haul a package from one location to another.

Industry Mission gives capsuleer a set of input materials and BPC and asks capsuleers to produce an item by using those and deliver it back.

Trade Mission gives capsuleer a trade mission that involves supplying an item to the corporation for a price.

Bounty Mission gives capsuleer a target (capsuleer) that should be hunted down in exchange for ISK/LP.

Epic Arc Mission is a set of mission that may involve a combination of those mission types above.

Rewards : ISK, LP, Ships, Items, etc.

Those missions can be created / modified / deleted by responsible corporation staff.

Missions can be enabled/disabled so that will give corporation an option to active some missions when needed, and deactive when it is not.

Corporation LP Store

Similar to NPC Corporation LP Stores, capsuleer corporations now have Corporation LP Stores. Upwell Agent Office and/or Upwell Command Office/Center/Headquarters enables Corporation LP Store for the fitted structure.

LP Store may offer : Corporation SKINs, Corporation Garments, Doctrine Ships, Items. etc.

[Ersin’s WarDec & Corporation Agent System Suggestion Ver.1]



Just No…

There really is nothing else to say.


There are the beginnings of some good ideas in the proposal, but also some areas that look to me like they would open up a lot of potential exploitation/abuse (corps creating their own missions etc).

Also, I’ll have to be frank… CCP has not been showing (IMO) the programming skill to tackle any changes this ambitious, or new code along these lines.

Suggested changes would be better off to be more limited, more targeted, and more a re-use/small alteration of existing code and mechanics, rather than inventing entirely new ones.

I would like to here your reasons as well.

Corporation Missions is an idea that came through when I was working on wardec changes and I thought it can go side-by-side with wardec changes with goal oriented warfare. But I agree that there is lots of details to be sorted so it won’t get exploited.
However I think wardec ideas in the proposal is not open to exploit.

I think I like the direction the overall idea is going, but:

“…and only one Upwell Command service can be online within the entire corporation at any given time” would conflict, I think, with the currently-in-progress war changes coming, particularly the rule that states that the Attacker must declare a WarHQ and they can use a different one for each war.

Many corps and alliances have dozens of wars going at once. Forcing them to have just one of your Upwell Command Service modules, even though they can declare multiple different HQ’s, actually hurts the defending corps - they must choose between attacking the WarHQ for their war, or the structure with their attackers’ Upwell Command Service Module…

If you rolled them together, it could work. Their declared WarHQ for each war must have that Command Service Module…

I am not 100% certain on the OOC Logi changes that are about to be implemented, but they may conflict with your proposal for neutral capsuleers giving support as well.

War Objectives would have to be very carefully thought out. You suggest ‘kill industrial ships’ and I think miners and industrialists have enough to worry about with gankers for both… with a big corp like E-Uni, sure there’s always out-of-corp alts to handle the dangerous stuff and protect it from wars, but for smaller corps I think putting an even bigger target on the backs of haulers and miners is … risky.

I like the idea of player-corp LP store type stuff. I think it would have to be only selectable from presets, with extremely careful balance to LP rewards in order to prevent abuse. Similarly, I think it would need to be applicable only to wars - PvE stuff is likely more easily abused. If CCP sets the LP payouts for “kill x enemy players” etc, and also sets the costs for various LP Rewards (as they already do for NPC LP) then I think the idea is very workable. It wouldn’t do to allow the Player Corp to set 1 LP as the cost for everything, for example.

The reason I like this idea - if limiting it to wars - is that it could very well provide encouragement to newer players to begin exploring PvP earlier (there’s an actual tangible reward for PvP against the enemy), and I think that is extremely important, speaking as a 10-year carebear!

I think you raise some good ideas for further exploring and discussion. Hopefully some of it gains some traction. o7

Thank you for your feedback Rayanth. WarHQ idea can be discussed and find an optimal way to sustain wars for both sides thus enhancing the fun for both parties. The reasoning behind the single WarHQ idea is to prevent attackers to have multiples of them and moving the HQ to another position right away following to the destruction of their HQ by defender corp, thus giving the defender faction chance to stop the war effectively. But if a war tied to a single HQ and cannot be moved then multiple HQs is still possible. And multiple HQs can give attacker corporation to create more options for their campaigns while they have to balance this so they won’t divide their forces too much, spread thin and left those HQs with low defense. Although structure timer system for WarHQs may be modified so aggresor corp could not just timezone tank them all (spreading the timers to different TZs for their full fleet might). Canceling the restrictions for the armor and hull timers for structures with War HQ module may be possible.

I agree with your concerns about player-corp LP store and I also believe they should be very carefully balanced so it won’t create more imbalance to the existing system. It may be possible that corporations pay CONCORD a tax for the corp LP store so we won’t see rewards for 1 LP or etc. A carefully balanced and thought Capsuleer Corp Agency and LP Store really can enhance the player experience. For PvE it may be related to run corporation logistics or industry jobs and for PvP it may be related to wars or piracy. This will also emphasize the importance of grouping and being in an organization which increase the social aspect.

Don’t self necro your own failed ideas.


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Plex is a finite resource, so tying any game mechanic to plex is doomed to fail eventually. It is also P2W mechanic.

Moving this from General Discussion to Player Features and Ideas.

Salt Foambreaker if you have any presentable idea of your own or any eligible feedback you are free to write them.
Ms Steak I think you are referring the price range of the proposed Upwell Command Services. I don’t understand why you are saying it is P2W. I am not suggesting their prices fixed to PLEX prices or they only can be baught from store. I am just suggesting a price range depending on the current PLEX prices. But that can be modified for better balance of course. Can you explain why it seems like “P2W”?

As a customer I am eligible to just say no, I’m not required to educate you on the badness of your idea. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

After seeing the linked Reddit post about how PIRAT adopted to have several HQs for evading cooldown timer for new wars I think I was right about my suggestion of having only 1 WarHQ online at any given time for a corporation/alliance :

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode, @ISD_Thalack_Dalhar, @ISD_Hatsumi

OP keeps necroing this thread can we get it locked?

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