Escape dry content and TiDi; TRIGG is Recruiting Corps


In TRIGG we’re still enjoying daily PvP in EU TZ; either solo, or together with our friends in TP., one of our TWO blues.

We are looking for some extra comrades, that are interested in the small to medium scale content that we generate (from micro gang to about 100 man fleets), to join our community.

We really have some awesome opportunities here for a Corp that has the balls to live 0.0 life independent from any blocs, with nearby hostiles forming 50 to 100 man gangs for us throughout the week.

We are a small alliance with a couple FC’s that are active daily. Looking to grow a bit, but want to stay far away from blobfests as much as possible.

TRIGG is NOT newbro friendly

We Offer:

  • A community of players focused on PvP with enough good men to make it happen.
  • Fleets that are void of trash ships; gotta fly the better ships the game has to offer to punch up.
  • Full SRP for all critical fleet roles, Cap SRP and some DPS SRP
  • We are not beholden to anyone; WE decide what we want to do and we’ll avoid having to blue anyone to do it
  • 5 jumps for content without having to filament
  • Sov in Tribute and enough R64 goo to keep your wallet healthy; just don’t count on us to keep your Rorq safe, that’s not what we login for.
  • Most importantly, exciting medium scale PvP, as highlighted in the videos below of recent fights:

We are looking for 1 or 2 Corporations that:

  • Are PvP focused
  • Have 10+ Active Mains with a good number of Dread/Super alts
  • Like to fly with FC’s that have balls
  • Have experienced 0.0 pilots that can fly their ships without having it flown for them by an FC anchor when needed
  • Have leadership that speaks English

Come take the plunge with us and get excited for EVE again!

Reply here or contact me on Discord: Aditia#7593

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