Very Active EU TZ PvP Alliance looking for 1 more corp


We haven’t been active on the forums for a long while, but TRIGG is definitely still around, kicking ass, and looking for 1 more good corporation to join our PvP community.

For queries, you can contact me on Discord: Aditia#7593

What we offer:

  • Daily non-blob EU TZ Fleets
  • We’re not scared of using our caps
  • Virtually no CTA’s (I called 2 in the past 3 months)
  • Good team of committed players, inlcuding the best JF service I have ever seen.
  • Virtually no blues; we work together with 2 highly skilled alliances of which only 1 is blue
  • No Rorq defence needed, as we don’t use em
  • Independent Null Sec Sov
  • SRP for Logi/Dic/HIC/Recons/Dreads
  • Faction Battleship PvP

Some of our recent fights:

Today, quick entosis bait to dunk rag tag fleet

6th of May, DNI vs HFI+Caps (TP came in at the end),295&b=9123540&e=90&t=bf

4th of May, 3 rounds with Lee Chanka in M-O

4th of May, Quick dread drop during work to help our friends kill some caps

29th of April, Quick hotdrop on dudes reffing an Astra

24th of April, Long Roam in Horde Space,785,810,785,2352,2351&b=9106274,9106297,9106316,9106324,9106349,9106261&e=2,2,5,2,62,94&t=rvv

Below vid was our biggest dreadbomb

What we expect from a new Corp

  • 95% EU TZ with between 5 and 25 active PvP Mains
  • English Speaking
  • Must have their own content creator
  • Your guys can fly most subcaps with T2 weapons and all T2 logistics
  • Your guys are mostly experienced PvP pilots that don’t need an anchor to fly their ship without getting lost…
  • You use your alts for PvP
  • Your guys have dreads
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Still looking for a good group of people

To illustrate our activity, one of our Corps is in the Top 15 Corps in EU TZ:

Here a vid of an extremely cool fight where we fought NC.+TEST and destroyed them.
Machs+Dreads vs Loki+Munnin+Dreads

Still room to fly against the blob!

Nice fight last night against Horde:

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