ESI Endpoint - feature request

Feature request - I would like to be able to request ‘Active Fit’ from the Fittings section (or any section) to see what ship and fitting a character is currently in.


I can kind of get this information right now
First by using
GET /characters/{character_id}/ship/ to get the ship_item_id of the ship
then by using
GET /characters/{character_id}/assets/ to load all of a character’s assets, I can then filter the assets by location_id as all fittings will have a location_id equal to the ship_item_id.

This has a 3600 second cache though so doesn’t really do the job. Also I wouldn’t want to have to ask people to authorize access to read all their assets when I really want a ship fit.

Maybe there is some reason this isn’t available already - but thought I would ask

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