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This is my first time posting here. I hope I am in the right place, and my question is not too basic (although, it might be).

I have been working with ESI and have been able to find almost everything that I need. However, I am currently facing a problem while trying to retrieve the fittings of the actual ship.

I can retrieve the actual ship using this endpoint: /characters/{character_id}/ship/.

This gives me the name, ID and TypeID of the ship, which is a good start. However, I am wondering if it’s possible to read the current ship fittings.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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You might be able to take the ship’s item id, and then go through the character’s assets (/v5/characters/{character_id}/assets/) to find it there. Then your can resolve the assets relations into a tree structure. When you find the ship there, its children will be the current fit and cargo. No idea how drones behave in this context.

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Thanks alot!

That’s just perfect! I just didn’t know where to look for that!

Thanks again!


When working with assets, you may find the location_id documentation useful:

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