ESI - Market endpoint return 404


Seems like that market endpoint is unavailable, trying lets say this url:

Return a 404 error, anyone seeing this ?

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Yep, not getting any data from it.

Same here. Is it expected, is this endpoint going to be removed?

I doubt it. There was no announcement, and it was working earlier today.

CCP must be changing the API around it, yesterday they changed the behaviour when you query like
with PAGE_NUMBER greater than in X-Pages in the header. Previously you got an empty result, yesterday you got 404. Now 404 all the time :slight_smile:

I really hope they won’t remove /markets/…



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Thanks for the update. A big relief it is not going to be removed :slight_smile:, see my page working back again.


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oh, thx

thanks for the update. May I ask where these screenshot come from? Can not find any CCP post related to the issue

Probably ESI slack or some sort of discord…

Seems like market endpoint is back today.

#esi channel on TweetFleet Slack.


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