ESI Market History Endpoint Down?

Lately I was working on a new application that pulls market data from among others the Market History endpoint. However, two days ago, this endpoint stopped working and shows up as being down on the EVE Swagger Interface. Is the Market History endpoint down for others, or am I banned from using it?


It’s not just you. It appears to be down for everyone.

It was taken down due to someone putting it under high load to avoid causing any damage. Has been down for a week :confused:. No word on when it’ll be back up, but I can report back when I know more.

Alright, that clears it up.

I hope it was not me that caused this. It’s weird that this happens just as I am starting to work with this particular end point. I pulled in a bit over 9000 market history type records several times last week.
But that must be a tiny amount compared to the total calls the end point receives, I’m certain.

Can you share the link where it was mentioned that the endpoint was down Blacksmoke16?

It was mentioned on the Eve Partner discord and the ESI Community Members slack channel. Both places are not public. As to why CCP keeps choosing those places to announce stuff is a true mystery… To everyone, including people who have access to those channels. CCP have been asked to make the announcements more public, with no luck. People have also asked if the announcements can be freely relayed to more public channels, but, that was never answered…

The problem was someone sending invalid requests AKA invalid type IDs (types that doesn’t exist or are not on the marker) and/or invalid region IDs. The valid requests are cached and cost nothing, the invalid request are not and caused problems for eve.


It has been down since November 03, 2022. It drives me crazy that nobody was talking about it on forums or reddit. I searched multiple times and couldn’t find any information. Some large websites (i.e. evemarketer or adam4eve) used display that market history information too, but since it became unavailable they had to deal with the lack of data. I am surprised that even they didn’t announce something to their users.
This really sucks for me (not that any of you care), because my personal trading assistant program relies on this data. I have to trade old school with that API not working =(


As a matter of fact the A4E price history is not affected, since it derives its history from the orderbooks and creates its own history (e.g. PLEX, nicer IMHO in DEV). A4E doesn’t use the ESI price history data.

A4E however is affected as there is no other source for the traded volume history data.

Order book volume is not the same thing as “ESI traded volume”, which is also missing in A4E.

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ESI Market History endpoint is still down. :frowning:

@CCP Could CCP please provide a ETA or a window in which this might be resolved?


Nothing changed. Endpoint is still down. Why, @CCP, oh, tell me why…

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When are we finally going to hear something from CCP about this issue???

Hey CCP when are we finally going to hear something from you about this issue???

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merged several duplicate topics, Recommend reviewing/submitting to GitHub - esi/esi-issues: Issue tracking and feature requests for ESI if not already done so.

Ended up writing my own service that calculates buy/sell volume based on the changes to the order book. Doesn’t look like this will be resolved anytime soon…

It’s not the same as the traded volume. Imagine: someone has placed the order to buy 1000000 PLEX for 10 ISK each. Then he cancels the order. The result: orderbook has changed, volume - not.


Well, it’s very hard to plan any industry without history data. U just can’t calculate, how fast will ur product order close, U can’t calculate supply/demand coefficient for products. Yes, it is easy to download data from client for one product, but very difficult for bunch of them. Looks like it is time to pause production lines, fill skill plan and go offline for some months.

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This API is still down. Any news?

There is an official post from CCP regarding that endpoint: ESI Market History Endpoint

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