Evemarketer and evepraisal down?

Neither site is showing prices.

Good evening guys.
We need to turn off market endpoints for a few hours or maybe until tomorrow for investigation.
Sorry for it :heart:
It will be available as soon as we solve the problem.

CCP Temka  2:50 PM
Sorry guys but we decided to turn off market endpoint until tomorrow :crying_cat_face:
Sorry for it, I will be back tomorrow, hopefully with good news
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They need to turn market end points off permanently except for at down time, stop the massive out of game botting that controls the market.

CCP β€˜β€˜Hey why is no one subbing to our game?’’ maybe because you let 5 people take the role of 20k?

Peeps must be so happy to see their jobs cut to automation IRL only to log onto a game & see 5 peeps automate entire sections of the game they used to play.


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