ESI down?

I’ve been having trouble connecting to get address not found. When I try I get a hello world page… WTF?


Same, my tool is broken because is down.

Sorry to hear your having problems with your spouse…
Oh… probably not the “tool” you were referring to.

:stuck_out_tongue: seems to only show older results show like 25 minutes old results

So, ESI goes down the day after Excel in Eve goes live?
Interesting timing.
I was wanting to see how close I could replicate my google sheets in excel… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Maybe they just need a restart to get the new stuff going… maybe some kinks to iron out still… maybe unrelated. I didn’t hear any news, but they gotta deploy it at some time if it’s gonna be up today.

Looks like it is back up :slight_smile:

and down again

Is ESI the Excel thing or something different?
I have been getting #BUSY! errors on Excel all of a sudden on market info from the Eve add-in.

ESI has been the source for extracting data from Eve Online for a long time.
So, the short answer is no, it is not the Excel thing.
Are these two things related, I don’t know.
There have been limits on how much data you should pull from the game.
This year, one of the major market data functions was disabled because of some kind of abuse.
I think that it is likely that a flood of people extracting a ton of data using that huge example Excel workbook, could be putting a strain on the system.

ive not been able to pull data from eve marketeer or jeveassets for 3 or 4 days now

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