ESI question on scope vs. controller

(Kelath Erebus) #1


Through the developer area we can assign what scopes are application is going to use. For example “esi-planets.manage_plants.v1”

My question is what controllers does that allow access to, since I can’t seem to find any reference on the ESI site? Does that provide access to all Planetary Interaction controllers? But that wouldn’t make sense if it did because there are individual scopes for character controllers under the “Character” tab.

Is there an easy way to find what scopes allow you to access which ESI controllers?


(Cwittofur Cesaille) #2

ESI seems to be down for the moment for me. However the information you need is available on the ESI site.

The description for that specific scope is: “Allows reading a list of a characters planetary colonies, and the details of those colonies”

I’ve found the easiest way to discern what scopes provide is to look at the application permissions within the developer portal for Eve. Maybe someone else has better information than me :slight_smile:

(Blacksmoke16) #3

Assuming what you want to do is just view what actions a scope allows for your own knowledge, not for any programmatic application?

Could you search the scope name then look at when path it is under. Or if you want to get fancy, write a script to parse it down to an object like:

  "ScopeName": [

(Althalus Stenory) #4

iirc scope explanation is only in developers portal. It will be added in the swagger.json too one day [see this issue] where you could see the list of scope + their description there.

As for OP first question: you actually have not to think this way (aka, I have this scope, what can I do with it) but rather I have this endpoint, what scope do I need to use it.

(Kelath Erebus) #5

Thanks everyone for your responses. For now I’m looking at the descriptions under the scope selection in the developer application area as Cwittofur suggested.