Open_window ESI scope

can somebody please explain the meaning of the following ESI scope and what does it grant access to:

open_window : Allows open window in game client remotely


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esi-ui.open_window.v1 is for all the UI endpoints:

(Except /ui/autopilot/waypoint/ that needs esi-ui.write_waypoint.v1)

Hello, thanks for the answer.
However, what does it mean?
Does it mean when you grant [/ui/openwindow/contract/] (, its possible then for someone to open your contract window in your game client? Can this windows data be read remotely then for example to gather info for trading?

and hows that different from the /contracts/public/{region_id}/

It allow opening the windows in-game, if you’re in-game with the character.
It does not allow reading of any data - at all, it’s purely a UI thing: It opens windows in-game, that is all

/contracts/public/{region_id}/ allow you to get the data for all public contracts, it doesn’t do anything in-game

Thank you again.
What is your opinion as to the intention of this keys? Someone can open a window in your client, while you are logged in - … ?! What could that be used for?

If you take the /ui/openwindow/contract/ as an example:
A courier corporation may have a website for their members that list all the valid contracts they can accept.
So, when they want to see the contract in-game, the website can have the option to let the user click a button and then call the ui endpoint to open the contract in-game for them.

IMHO, it’s probably the coolest (not the most useful, though) endpoints we as 3rd party devs have access too.
I also use the UI endpoints in jEveAssets.
But, as with all scope, don’t grant access to someone you don’t want to have that functionality.

Awesome :slight_smile: Thank you

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