Token for openwindow_marketdetails call

So, how do i get this token?

Call asks for a token(char or account token?)

Access token to use if unable to set a header

EVE Swagger Interface (

Hoppe its not in EVE: Developers ( or anything releated because i cannot apply there as developer since i never paid omega with real money

Can i use this scope if i never paid omega with real money? I just developed a trading tool and would be super convenient to be able to open window of each item instead of need to manually search them ingame since i loose a lot time.

You need to pay once if you want to develop an app on the eve third party developers website

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yes i know that but im not asking that

im asking if there is a 3rd party application that allows me to call this escope through their application witouth neceserally needing to pay omega with real money to do so

There is not.

Its a one time pay only requirement.

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