"Log in with Eve Online" required scopes

(Feilamya) #1

When you log in with Eve Online into a third-party site or app, you have to grant certain permissions (scopes). As a user, I would like to know what permissions I’m granting. Unfortunately, the login UI explains them rather poorly.

For example, remoteClientUI and “Allows applications to control the UI of your EVE Online” sounds rather scary, probably scarier than it actually is.

Is there a list of scopes and what they mean exactly? Where can I find the documentation for developers?

I found this:
But it doesn’t list the scopes I was interested in.

(Erika Mizune) #2

That lets you be able to use links to open windows ingame. For instance for my JF service I have a page where I can easily view contracts and I also have a button that I can click that will open that contract ingame vs me going through all my contracts to find that specific one. It’s nothing scary at all, IMO.

Also explains what it is here:

(Althalus Stenory) #3

In esi, this scope is the open ui / open window or smth like that. (Keep in mind that CREST scopes will probably disappear within 1 year, when CREST will be removed)

If you want more info about them, the easier is to go to https://esi.tech.ccp.is and read the spec for “User Interface” endpoints, which are the same as the CREST endpoints.

(Feilamya) #4

No, not scary at all. Just the description in the UI sounds scary if you don’t know what it actually is.

Thanks for the clarification.