Where to find 3rd party app scope definitions? (or whatever they're called)

I genuinely have no idea where to ask this so please migrate this thread.

That said, I once happened upon a page which lists “scopes” that I for the life of me can not find anymore.

To clarify:
When you go and visit any 3rd party stuff that wants you to log in and use your chars data such as eve marketer, it gives you a list of scopes:

I know for a fact that there’s a comprehensive list of those somewhere, but since I’m no 3rd party dev, I wouldn’t know where to look. Could anyone point me in the right direction please, as well as tell me what this stuff is actually called?



Thank you, holy hell. Is there an intuitive way to navigate to it without relying on the link by the way?

Not that i recall.

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the swagger interface is one of the industry standard ways of describing APIs


Had no idea it was its own separate thing. Thank you

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