and help for development for a program for the market

hello i search a nice guy who would like to help me for the completion of my programm for the market

here is the code which download all the market order (sell only) if we wan’t

import requests
import json

def load_market_price(price_kind=“adjusted_price”) :
url = ""
data = requests.get(url).json()
return {row[“type_id”] : row.get(price_kind, 0) for row in data}

def load_market_id(identifier) :
print (“Load market with id : %s” %str(identifier))
url = “” %identifier
data = []
page_id = 0

while True :
    res = requests.get(url, params={'page': page_id}).json()
    if not res : break
    page_id += 1

return data

def load_all_market_id(start,end)
data = {}
for identifier in range(start, end) :
values = load_market_id(identifier)
if values :
data[identifier] = values

return data

for identifier, values in load_all_market_id((10000001, 10000008).items():
print (identifier, lenvalues)

the goal is to compare the price initial with the price of the order for an item_id specific and to compare the pprice if the price of the order is > adjusted price so we pass to another if the price of the order is < at the price adjusted so we check how many and if the result is good we can make price order * quantité and print the result but i am now without issues

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