ESI - which moon a drilling plattform belongs to

I’m polling all corporation structures from ESI with corporations/<corpid>/structures.

From this query result I take the structure_id. If it’s a drilling plattform I want to get the moon it belongs to. But I was not able to get a moon name or better his moon id a structure belongs to from ESI.

The best I get are 3D coordinates in the solar system using universe/structures/<structure_id>/.

Of course I may fetch all moons of the system and apply a standard 3D distance formula to get the moon with the smallest distances, but that’s overcomplicated.

Any suggestions?

You could use which includes the structure_id and the moon_id. Would of course have to have the drilling platform doing an extraction, but that shouldn’t be a problem since thats the point of the structure.

In reality once you do this once you could just create a map of structure => moon as they aren’t going to change.

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Thanks @Blacksmoke16 that route does the job

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