ESI/XMLAPI/CREST Important Information for 3rd Party Devs

For those looking for information and help on developing apps for eve, while the forums will help in time, the best place for quick answers, tips, and solutions is the Tweetfleet Slack! Request an invite HERE and join us in the #esi channel. For questions regarding oauth2 and other token/permission related things, ask away in #sso. This is where many of the TechCo staff hang out, post parrot memes (you’ll understand after you’ve been there a few days), and share crucial information and updates. ESI devblogs are published with some regularity, but much of it is also shared in the ESI channel quite frequently.

Suggestions, bug reports, feature requests for ESI? Instead of posting them here or in PF&I, please post them at the ESI github. However, if it’s related to SSO instead (tokens, authentication, etc), you’ll want to post them to the SSO github instead. With regards to suggestions and feature requests for ESI, please make sure you browse the existing issues, yes, the closed ones too, to make sure that what you’re asking for has not already been asked. Or is already available. Aside from the obvious “dont want to promote bot programs” stuff, if it’s not something already available ingame, you will not get it from ESI either. Wallet history is one thing this applies to, as neither allow to you track wallet history for much more than a month. The main thing to remember is this: if it requires a fundamental change to the game to enable the ESI feature you’re requesting, it’s probably better to start by asking in PF&I.

For crucial updates regarding service stability, major revisions and updates, check up on TechCo’s twitter here-

Additionally, for those using apps written against CREST and XMLAPI- Tuesday, May 8, 2018 at 11:00:00 am (Reykjavik time). This is the absolute latest your apps will work. After this time passes (or sooner depending on metrics for TechCo), your apps will no longer work. Your best option would be to start contacting your app maintainers (especially you, alliance service maintainers, procrastinating is bad, mkay?) in order to persuade them to commit to major revisions to apps in order to exclusively use ESI.

There’s more I’ve probably missed, but I’m sure other 3rd Party Devs will chime in soon.

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