ESS Rework - please?

Here is a rework idea:
Make them a module used by attackers, so locals have an interest in destroying it.
Give it a 10min reinforcement timer and a notification to the owner when it gets attacked.

Here is why:
Nullsec ratters currently have little reason to use the ESS units - a bit more money for a risk of loosing more resulted in most players not using them.
Those that do place them in fully triggered sites, on jove observatorys or drifter wormholes, sometimes with a alt sitting on it with a empty pod - they don’t create fights.

It’s just another feature with huge potential that was never iterated on and forgotten, the recent discussions on the proving grounds call for more ways to get opponents on the same grid in the sandbox. - this would create a much smaller objective then rorqual, citadel or jump gate bashing.

The thing is that CCP most likely doesn’t know how to iterate on these and at this point, they’re too afraid of adding a change that might go too far in one way to bother even assigning someone to take a look at them.

I mean, the dumb thing is 200m3 which means it can only reliably be carried by Cruisers and above.

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Here is an idea I pitched not too long ago where some players will want to attack it, some players will want to defend it, and some players will show up to engage whoever shows up to attack/defend it:

Edit: The above isn’t applicable anymore since CCP announced they’re making ESS permanent. I still think a Blackout Deployable would be good to co-exist with the permanent ESS, though!

The risk vs reward for ESS needs rework, agreed.

Current implementation weighs heavily against using it since it can be stolen so easily. There needs be more risk associated with theft.

Expanding on OP’s original ideal:

  1. Add mini reinforcement timer.
  2. Make it deploy a set of self defense batteries,. Fire power scale up to match potential rewards. *
  3. Destruction is required to loot the tokens.
  • Scale to the value of goods inside as well as total time deployed.
    +1 battery every hour
    +1 battery every 50 mil
    +1 neuit / ecm every 100 mil
    +1 stasis webifier every 500 mil

Another series of abysmally bad ideas from Flashrain…

Anyway, CCP announced a few hours ago on Twitch they’re going to make ESS Permanent (non-deployable), so major rework coming up, dev blog coming soon.

why should the ESS have any kind of offensive - the main reason to move them out of sites is to create a equal PvP grid for both sides.

But good news everybody, like @Archer_en_Tilavine says - Apparently this feature has been on CCPs radar for a while now and it’ll finally get some attention, possibly as a permanent module for every nullsec system, listen to it yourself here:

Why shouldn’t ESS have any kind of offensive?

Without any offensive to keep looters pinned down, attacker can just take and run.

If you want any sort of PvP arena, you’d need to give time for defenders to swap into PvP ships and engage - that mandates a mechanic to keep the offender around, without severely weakening either party.

in case you are unaware of it’s current mechanics - keeping the offender around while providing time for defenders to reship is done with a 3 minutes timer while looting it, you are pointed and flying away will abort the looting - any weapons can not be balanced against the variety of ships you can roam with

a solo player in a Kestrel needs to be able to loot it just like a guy in a nano carrier

How would you point me while you’re still recalling drones/fighters and warping to dock ?

By the time my kestrel finish looting your ESS, your nano carrier won’t even have time to complete docking.

the ESS points you, please try to understand the mechanics before discussing ideas to improve them

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Because that’s the job of players. The point of ESS is to serve as a PVP magnet, not a PVE experience.

This is intended. Knowing that krabbers are everywhere, you can roam systems keeping your eyes on ESS knowing they’ll try to take the goods.

So? Why is swapping fits a problem? That’s what mobile depots are for in the absence of stations and POSes.

Or you can forfeit use of the ESS. Many krabbers will - as they should - because ESS is designed to punish them.

It’s worth pointing out that you can always do PVE in a PVP ship precisely to be able to defend yourself if necessary, or better retreat, or get in on ESS, whatever, particularly in k-space nullsec since Local is visible.

Or you can use smart fits/bring fleetmates instead of using artificial “fairness” mechanics. We don’t need to “give krabbers a chance”. Krabbers who refuse to engage ESS due being carebear to the core should be punished, not coddled.

Then have a fleetmate grab it. Like I said, ESS was designed to punish krabbers, and that most certainly includes solo caps doing PVE. What you’re complaining about is precisely the inconvenience ESS was designed to cause.

with citadels in every system and removing station games as well as jumpgates replacing normal gates for locals we are in dire need of more grids we can meet on to pew

i hope CCP continues to develop features with that in mind

So why don’t you put some ships there to protect it?

So why don’t you put some ships there to protect it?

Same reason you won’t loot it if it can kill you by itself.

(Learn to quote properly.)

This makes no sense… but then again, almost nothing you’ve ever said ever did :roll_eyes:

To date you’ve made 40 posts and I think only one wasn’t completely moronic. Unfortunately, the exception does not make the rule.

Every single one of your posts to date is comes from a condescending jackass. Almost nothing you ever said could ever be construed as constructive.

I invite you to take a look at my forum activity page. Learn by example what it’s like to come up with good ideas, be helpful to others, and contribute meaningfully to the community. You don’t get 1.3k likes over 1.5k posts by being a dumbass. And for the record, I’d rather be a helpful jackass than willful dumbass. Believe it or not, at the time of writing I don’t think you’re mentally impaired in real life, but I do think you’re doing it on purpose, and I consider someone who knows better but does wrong anyway to be a complete and total ■■■■■■■ idiot inconsiderate of others’ time. Just saying.

Oh I have. You should do the same.

Constructive criticism is when you provide statements to build someone’s idea up to a better place. Destructive criticism is when you make statements with the intent to derogate someone’s ideas. You seem to think you are performing the former.

Where on this thread did you expand on OP’s idea to make it better? Not. Once.

Sometimes the best place is in the trash. Sometimes there are salvagable components, sometimes there are not.

First of all at present I’m not talking to OP, I’m talking to you. Second of all, OP suggested a module such that others would be motivated to destroy it - I provided a thoroughly fleshed out alternative for consideration. The discussion did not progress because OP was largely happy with CCP’s ESS revamp announcement that came one day after his post. If OP did not make the announcement, the dialogue would have progressed further.

By contrast, your idea has less merit than there is lemon and lime in Sprite. It’s worth noting that OP took issue with your ideas. As have numerous others, including (on multiple occasions) CSM member Mike Azariah, who is the gentlest and more carebear-friendly of all the CSMers in history. The only difference between me and them is that I’m more vocal about it. Now, I could be a gentleman and very kindly, objectively enumerate why this idea has zero constructive value and there is nothing worth salvaging from the idea, but here is why I’m tired of being a gentleman with you: I have reason to believe you’re purposefully posting ideas that you know in advance are shitty, and that’s not appreciated. And when I say “purposefully”, that’s me giving you the benefit of the doubt that you are not, in fact, an idiot. So either you’re doing it on purpose or you’re an idiot, it’s one or the other. If you are in fact an idiot, then I’ll be more considerate because I don’t believe in treating less-smart people any differently, any better or worse, than smart people. So go ahead and tell me: are you posting ideas that you already know to be shitty, or do you genuinely believe they are worth considering?