Essential skills calculator

Is there an essential skill calculator or tool out there to know when a pilot is “ready” to do a certain type of in game content?

Having skills trained does not mean you as a player are ready for specific content, that’s a given.
But It’d be cool to have a tool to map out Character goals tied to being able to start specific content.

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There’s pyfa.
you can put all the skills that you need to efficiently fly the ship you are aiming towards and it will tell you how long it will be.

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Is EVEMon still viable?

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EVEMon looks like it was last updated for windows 7. All the updates are dated 2016. I’ll probably steer clear of that one but thank you!

I’ll take a look at that one! Looks like its primarily a fitting tool. Thanks for your suggestion!

EveMon have been updated for ESI, and works perfect.
Link to the new Evemon: EVEMon 4.0.11 - ESI Edition

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