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Garden Of Dregs wants you!

The Garden of Dregs is a newly formed Corp and we are looking for capsuleers like you that would be interested in joining a community, not just a workspace or a place to make some quick Isk. We hope to build up the foundations for a largely successful conglomerate of capsules that have the goal to build a new home. When I say our Corp is new, I am not joking. It is no older than a few weeks, and that is why we need you to help lay the foundations for both us, and for you. We accept newbros, so if you are new to Eve we are happy to teach you about the game and have you in our fleets, don’t be shy. All types of members are welcome into the Corp and we hope you specialize in whatever you feel would be the best fit for yourself. Be it a Titan Pilot or a Miner, we need your help to build a truly great Empire. If you are interested in joining, please navigate yourself to the discord so we can go through the recruitment process. I hope to build an Empire with you from nothing.

Disclaimer: To all alliances, sov renter corps and people offering sov space thank you for taking an interest in our corp but I have to respectfully say no to your nullsec space. One thing that would be an insult to both me and all my corp mates. The point of this corp is to build an empire from the ground up and I am not joking when I say this. We will obtain sov space with our blood sweat and tears. If we don’t get it through our own exploits then there is not even a point in having it in the first place.

What we are all about.

While it will probably take a few years for us to contend with larger Corps, it is our main goal to gain sovereign territory in Nullsec and build an Empire we can call home. We do not discriminate between new and old players, we just ask that you are respectful, participate in Corp activities and contribute the Corp as a whole. We want to facilitate an environment that allows people of all mindsets to work together, from those that want to spend their time in an open and less restrictive environment to those who want discipline and fleet doctrine. The citizens are the foundation of the Corp, so understand that when you join, you have just as much sway in “What we are all about” as I do being the leader. If you don’t like Corp culture, be the change you want to see.

What we can offer you!

  • Community: The most important thing we can offer you is a great community of nice and helpful individuals that will respect you to the best of their ability (or I’ll give the bloke a good smacking ;] ).
  • Discord: We have a discord for communication with other members in the Corp and for easy access to information pertaining to Corp activities.
  • Buyback: We have a buyback program which is 80% Jita prices. This is to allow greater profit margins for the Corp so we can fund Corp projects and to allow you to have a nice, easy place to sell your ores at above the regional market price.
  • Ship: There is a ship replacement program to allow new players with (Frigate - Cruiser) ships to get them back. NOTE: Dying by concord or dying from PvP you initiated will not be compensated.
  • Highsec to Nullsec: While we have our base of operations in Highsec, we have ties that allow us ease of access to Nullsec. Mining, exploration, combat sites, and the Nullsec trade hub. We hope you will be like-minded and take advantage of these opportunities.
  • Our HQ: Our HQ is fairly close to Rens, so there is ease of access to a tradehub.
  • Weekly Corp PvP: We have weekly organized PvP ops into Low and Nullsec.
  • Moon Mining: We have moon mines in Highsec 0.5 and Nullsec for increased profits to mining!

Requirements for membership

  • Ability to understand the english language

  • Friendly attitude

  • The ability to use discord

  • Access to a microphone

  • Be 16+ in age (Not a hard cap. Depends on maturity)

  • Be active at the very least once per month (we check the activity chart for inactive members).

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