Established Lowsec group wanted (No FW)

Hi what I’m looking for is a nice chilled adult group. I’m interested in doing various things from pvp to industry, mining, exploration, L5 missions and Abyssal.

Pvp wise I’m up for anything from gate camping to blackops to big battleship fights to cap stuff, i love filament roam fleets.

Timezone I’m looking for late AU/Early EU as my main TZ. I can and will often get online late EU/US TZ if needed but i don’t want to be solo all the time in my main playtime.

About me

I’m an old fart from the North of England (Go Brexit).

My main currently has 177 mill SP + 2nd main 128 mill SP + alt3 40 mill SP + alt4 40 mill SP + alt5 40 mill SP

My main can fly all subcaps, all carriers, all faxes and all dreads with t2 siege and t1 guns.

2nd main can fly nearly all subcaps and is a max command ship booster. Once finished near maxing T2 subcaps he will be training into caps.

Alt 3,4,5 Are mainly indy/miner guys but can fly a mean Ishtar, I’m looking to get them into Domi (just hull skill) first and then cross training them into dreads (6/9 months training without injectors).

I’m online nearly everyday for at least a few hours before and after DT. I can dual box logi no problem but would prefer to get killmails. I’ve spent most of my time in game one way or another training newbro so I’m happy to help out with that.

I’m fiercely independent and do not like to be micromanaged. So if i step up to do a task that no one else is willing to do. Do not try and backseat drive me as i will just get pissed of and tell you to go fck yourself and that you should do it yourself. I’m happy to take tips and advice and learn new ways of doing things. I just don’t want some cnts hand shoved up my arse as they puppet me.

Also I’m not to bothered about SRP unless you have me whelping caps. IMO SRP is a cancer in this game and makes people to risk averse unless someone else is paying for their ship. If you can’t afford to lose it you shouldn’t be flying it in the first place.

One last thing i do keep a pretty green killboard but every now and again i will get myself killed flying something expensive while doing pve. If that’s a problem well skip applying to this thread.


come by and say hello, I run blingdenstone its a well established low sec corp EU/US tz

pimps masterson masterson in-game or

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