Returning player looking for organised lowsec group (BLOPS+CAPS plz)

Returning player keen to re-sub and get back into EvE (on/off since 2003, been on a break for around 9 months ), looking for a low-sec pvp group to fly with ideally in the north.


  • ISK self-sufficient
  • Mulitple accounts, alts include capitals and cyno 5 recon alts
  • UK/EU TZ active 1900 to 0000 ET

I am looking for:

  • Small Gang PvP
  • BLOPs
  • CAP fights
  • Organised + Doctrines (no kitchen sink fleets)
  • SRP programme for fleets

Not looking for:

  • WH action
  • Faction Warfare
  • Null (roams are fine but ideally looking for lowsec action)
  • HS action

reply here, mail me or link your recruitment thread.

why dont you come and have a talk wit me and we can get you on the team


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