Ethical Hauling

I love how they try to wrap all this up in “ethics” and “ethical behavior” like this is some sort of real life service.

“Ethically sourced wreckage” as opposed to “sourced wreckage.”

But wait! This isn’t about a hauling service for gankers. It’s about retaining 2 year old noobs with their freighters player base!


Oh that Goonswarm? They have their own music videos. I think the last time I ran into one of them was last year in Miroitem? People have wars and conflicts and true entrepreneurs will sell arms to anyone willing to pay for them. Do any of you really think, for one hot minute, the items you sell in the market are only purchased by “friendly” players??

I may not agree with their tactics, but if they offer ISK for something I sell, it is theirs to buy.
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The very notion of ‘ethical hauling’ is laughable, given that all mining, hauling, and industry is part of a pyramid of activity whose very apex is pew pew. Haulers are not in some separate universe and cannot dissociate themselves from that. It never ceases to amaze me how so many miners and haulers fail to grasp this. If you haul the materials for combat…then by the sheer laws of karma that combat ought to come your way.


An unethical hauler has been destroyed while carrying PLEX in his cargo. What goes more against ethics than dumping someones PLEX in your hold while traveling towards Jita?

I hope this unethical hauler learns the lesson and uninstalls!

Everyone in Eve is unethical lol. Few days ago did a 1.8 bill contract to RFF. With max 1.5 collateral and they failed it. It’s just how the game works. Get over it lol.

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How can you tell, from looking at the market buy orders listing, before the transaction is committed whom had I sold my commodities to? You will know that only after the money and goods are exchanged and only if you do care. It is somehow not obvious where to look to find out.

Maybe something like that QoL proposal (Color market offers by client standing with the player) would help me decide? Like it if you like it.

It would be a pointless feature anyway. You always buy from or sell to the order at the top of the queue. That’s why players play this mini game of updating their orders to keep them at the top for as long as possible.
Granted you could probably work around that by buying from orders in different stations, etc., but if most of the orders at concentrated at an specific hub, you have no way to buy from the last sell order - whatever you buy from that station will come from the order at the top.



–GadgetCorp is an equal opportunity sales company

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The default setting for quick sell price is the value matching the highest price offered in buyers list in the range.

But you can choose whom to sell. You just need to adjust the sell price accordingly - to lower one of course so who would bother with that obviously :thinking:. It requires some purpose, will and effort of course. Something that most lack, mock and despise :wink:

Unless things have changed, it does not work that way. You set the sale price, and the person who offered the most money pays that price. It functions like a limit order and will execute on any sale that is at or below the limit and the priority goes to whoever has the highest limit.

I’ll add that this is probably done for the sake of efficiency. If you check the order with the highest limit either it will be filled, or you will know it can not be filled. Either way, you need check only one order as opposed to checking down the list to find the lowest limit that still satisfies the order value.

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All gankers don’t do this to push players out, you are placing a stereotype on them. That is just as bad as the player who says all miners are useless. Without mining the game crawls to a halt. Someone has to mine ore, others refine it, others produce ships and weapons. Then these weapons and ships end up in the hands of the PvPers both ganker and non-ganker alike.

Sounds to me like the hauling groups of RFF and PushX have a positive work ethic. Boycotting your clients is not good business. As for the ganker saying to “hurry up”, well if he slows down, then the miners can get the ore needed to make his stuff. I don’t mind losing a Venture here and there, but the ganker needs to remember blasting on the miners increases the cost of goods sold. It is all about supply and demand.


Why would hauling groups haul for pirates?

Because if you haul responsibly pirates are not a problem, they are in fact helpful since they eliminate competition. That is one of the main points of this game’s player driven economy, all your interactions are inherently PvP because you are always competing with every other player.

Sure it may not be “ethical” but we are playing a game, a competitive game. If you want a single player experience play a single player game, but you don’t because subconsciously you prefer this. You benefit from these pirates, you enjoy it, it’s all part of what makes this game.


The only ways to choose who to sell to would be to use a station that only allows certain people to dock or personal contract.

You are spot on Ragnar.

I have to point out that haulers and traders are, in some ways, dependent on high-sec gankers and gate campers.

Without them everyone would just auto-pilot their haulers before eating dinner, and there would be no reason for professional haulers or opportunities for traders.


To be honest incursions is only fun in HS with the threat of hauling gear valued at 10-50 billion + across pretty much all of HS.

ETHICAL is not a word used in New Eden. Next thing you want is sustainably sourced catalysts and tornados. :laughing:


We have ways to reduce that threat.

I’m more worried about the players using child labor to grind/farm their accounts.

CCP should have checks in place to ensure they’re getting paid fairly, or at least fed occasionally.

Please CCP, think of the children!


@Kezrai_Charzai does this mean I have to stop letting my 11 year-old grand daughter babysit my game, while grandpa trots off down the hall to make water? Happens quite frequently at my age.



She’s a spy!

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