Etoiles Industries new release

Hi all,

I have just released a new version of, my blueprint calculator.

The main new feature is a new ore/ice compression optimization engine.

When you have to figure out the compressed ores needed to build something, you can use a linear solver as the one in Excel. This gives you an exact solution but without taking into account the market price.
Our engine finds the combination of compressed ores that gives you at least the needed ores but with the lowest buy price.

Let’s take an example. You need:
Isogen x314825
Megacyte x5741
Mexallon x1267395
Nocxium x44965
Pyerite x5151413
Tritanium x5085875
Zydrine x30247

The website computes this solution
Compressed Crimson Arkonor 1
Compressed Monoclinic Bistot 63
Compressed Onyx Ochre 191
Compressed Vitric Hedbergite 290
Compressed Rich Plagioclase 12987
Compressed Condensed Scordite 11290

A linear solver would give:
Compressed Bistot 284
Compressed Jaspet 803
Compressed Omber 6735
Compressed Plagioclase 13223
Compressed Scordite 2

If you estimate the compressed ores prices between the two solutions: 207M ISK and 342M ISK
( and That’s a 40% difference.

There is still enhancements needed for example to filter out some type of compressed ores.


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