[EU] Chaos Reborn: Seeking Alliance or Friends

Hello fellow capsuleers,

I am writing this on behalf of our small corporation, Chaos Reborn. We are currently looking to join an alliance or find like-minded individuals to forge new paths in the universe of EVE. With a storied history and a diverse set of skills, we are eager to contribute to, and thrive in, a welcoming, mature, and relaxed community.

Our corporation, although presently small, carries a significant weight of experience. Our core group, currently comprised mainly of myself and one of the other founding members, is deeply rooted in the EVE universe. Some of the ~2005 bittervets may remember us as the constant thorn in the side of ISS and CVA down in Curse, Catch, and Providence under The Priory banner. We also participated in the Alliance Tournament V, where we got eliminated in the quarter finals by the eventual winners, Pandemic Legion. We had our fingers on the pulse of this game for many years, with plenty of long breaks in between. Recently, we are more focused on exploration, mining and industry, but do not mistake our industrious nature for pacifism - the concepts of PVP are deeply rooted in the DNA of Chaos Reborn.

Despite our storied past, we are looking ahead to a future filled with new stories, camaraderie, and prosperity. Our plan includes recruiting additional members once we have secured a new home. We are active in the EU timezone, but we understand that the world of EVE is always spinning and are open to making friends across all time zones. As adults, we balance our real-world obligations with our commitment to this game. We are interested in interacting with individuals who share a similar perspective and understand that life outside of EVE is important. Our primary mode of communication is Discord, which enables us to keep in touch and strategize effectively, while also allowing for casual conversations and bonding outside of the game.

With regards to our next move, we’re considering nullsec or wormhole space as potential options. We’re open to suggestions and are flexible in this regard, but ideally, we would prefer an alliance with similar interests. Our goal is to combine the thrill of exploration, industry, and PVP with the stability and support of a close-knit community.

If our corporation seems like a fit for your alliance, or if you’re an independent capsuleer looking for friends in this vast universe, we would love to hear from you. If you’re keen on joining forces and sharing in our journey, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Fly safe, and here’s to new alliances and friendships in the stars.


Hi Gutsani,

I don’t know how well our circumstances and yours would match up, but I am old enough to remember The Priory and remember them quite favorably.

We’re a mercenary alliance currently based in Gallente Faction warfare. My corp, Noir., is actually the oldest active merc unit in the game. While we base in lowsec between contracts, those contracts take us to all corners of EVE from null to WH and everywhere in between. Some of our partner corps do industry in our area as well, supplying us and the Gallente militia with the arsenal of freedom :wink: But PVP is overwhelmingly our primary pursuit, particularly as a group.

My corp is 50/50 US/EU but our partner corps are mostly US based. I’d be very interested in balancing that out and would be willing to invest in a small but scrappy corp of veterans with your pedigree. If this direction interests you, please reach out on Discord and let’s chat.

Noir. server: Noir.
Discord ID: alek (85132506914910208)

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