EU Dad Looking for Caldari/Amarr FW Fun

EU resident, looking for a social FW corp / group that not only wants to win but knows how to.

Back in the day (pre-2016), I was navigating the cosmos, thinking I was a pro, involved in the wars of nullsec, pressing F1 in subcaps and showcasing some supercapital ships.

Then, life’s adventure led me into the ‘Real Life’ constellation, complete with a crew of mini humans (kids) and a mission commander (my wife :hot_face:) who views my space endeavors with a -10 negative standing.

My character boasts around 190m SP, focused on PVP, and my ISK wallet, which is not shared with my mission commander, has enough funds to sustain my gameplay for a while.

Now, with my younglings more self-sufficient, my enthusiasm for EVE is rekindling and steadily climbing. I’m considering exploring the Faction Warfare scene, looking to align with the Caldari or Amarr factions, as EVEs new FW design looks interesting.

I’m in search of a corp that understands if I suddenly need to navigate away for life’s unexpected side quests. In exchange, I bring a spirit eager for camaraderie, some occasional dad jokes ready for deployment, and a background in some of EVE’s most thrilling nullsec battles. However, it’s worth mentioning that my mouse and keyboard have collected some dust, but the F1 key is still there.

I’m scouting for corp with “patient” mentors with a good sense of humor who are up for the challenge of guiding an old-timer back into some smaller/medium-scale PVP. :pray:

So, if you’re part of a Caldari or Amarr FW corp that enjoys a good laugh, values a blend of experience and willingness to learn, and understands the art of balancing interstellar conquest with family commitments, I’d love to potentially hear more.

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