Returning player looking for FW corp. Preferably Amarr or Caldari

Hello I’m returning to EVE Online after a little over 7 years.

Full disclosure up front if you want me and I accept I’ll be joining on Hrolfr Njall, which is an alt of mine.
I’ve been with my now mostly inactive corp from years ago for a very long time in game (or at least the same group of people under various names) and socialized with them outside of it for even longer.
But they are by and large solo enthusiasts and I’m looking for a mix of solo and gang stuff and FW is one of the things I’ve never truly tried in EVE and now seems like a good time but I do want to feel out the waters a bit first. But I’m not currently willing to quit that corp on Kaeda for what are mostly emotional reasons.

Some of my history in EVE;

7 years ago when I last was an active player I did mostly solo lowsec and 0.0 PvP in frigates and near the end when I got bored a bunch of highsec ninja stuff, and flying around in shiny nano Tengu’s in Syndicate with an AU timezone friend in my mornings.
I flew with Miura Bull’s lot in the early days of the Black Rebel Rifter Club and spend a lot of time in Molden Heath. If any of those names still mean anything to people more then half a decade on :slight_smile: Later flew with various corps that were basically all the same people with new corp names.
Also did a brief stint with Agony Unleashed and flew tackle and scouted pretty often for Mangala’s NPSI RvB Fleets in the day. Ran the occasional frigate gang myself, engaged with some emergent content like Hulkageddon etc.
Some time was spend in wormholes to. I’ve done at least a bit of everything that was around back then short of bloc 0.0 life which simply never held any attraction to me.

What do I offer/want?

I’m looking for a FW corp preferably Amarr or Caldari, but if it’s the right people fit/there’s a click I’m open to other offers.
My love has always been flying tackle even when I was a pilot with well over 100M SP if given the opportunity/choice in a fleet I’d fly light tackle. Something I would love to do again, but there’s 7 years of rust on those skills, so I’m probably going to be pretty bad for a while!
But with some time and practice and getting rid of seven years of rust you’d have a pilot who’s always willing to just fly tackle (and scout) of any sort really. I don’t believe in hero tackle though (unless it’s something extremely shiny) as dead tackle doesn’t tackle anything. BUT I am basically relearning the game right now, EVE is not like riding a bike.

I can commit to several evenings a week between 19:00 & 21:30 CET (18:00 - 20:30 EVE time) I work out out in the mornings so my bed time is early and this will (almost) always take priority over EVE I’m afraid :sweat_smile:
On the weekends I’m a lot more flexible still going to have to be in bed by around midnight though!
I’m financially stable in EVE. I can also handle my own logistics.
Beyond that I’m calm on comms, don’t rage or yell and don’t do drama. I have a pretty low tolerance for “elitism” though. My spoken English is excellent. If I do find a corp and enter FW I intend it to be for the long term, so no side switching or switching to another side when the going gets though.
I’m mostly just looking for a stable(ish) group of people who just really enjoy the game for me to re-learn, re-engage with EVE and contribute as best I’m able with. The corp being an LGTBQ+ friendly environment would be a nice bonus.

What don’t I offer?

I take EVE seriously when I play, but life always takes precedence there’s stuff I care more about then EVE, so don’t expect me to get up in the middle of the night.
Kill board cleanliness, I learn by doing, I will happily whelp 10 of a fit and smile doing it to find out how/if it works and why it does or doesn’t. Theory is cool, experience is better (imho). So if you care deeply about a “green” board I’m not your guy.
I’ve been with my old frig crew for a long time, half a decade in game and then 7 more years after just socializing in discord. I’m not going to back stab them for you in game. All like 5 of them that still play EVE that is.

If this sounds like your corp and you’re interested either post here or reach out to me in game!

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Still looking did some (caldari) FW on Hrolfr yesterday had fun!

Hey man I know you said caldari fw, but if you’re open to Gallente FW we would be happy to have you. Small group of friends came back to the game for the faction warfare fun. Very casual, all of us are a tight group that have been playing together for about 10 years now.

I have since joined a corporation, but thanks for the offer!

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