☠ [EU] [GER/ENG] Death Squad Sektor B - what else? / Paper Numbers [553M]



Are you new here? Yes? No?.. It doesn’t really matter!

Here is a small checklist for you to see if you fit in with us:

☐ I posses the basic knowledge of the game and know how to pilot my ship.
☐ I am not a “credit card warrior” and I dont like to loose ships in an unnecessary way.
☐ I am not resistant to learning and appreciate constructive criticism and advice from more experienced players.
☐ (I may still be a bit new and need help, but I like to discover the game myself and do not have to be babysitted all the time).
☐ I try to think for myself and my fleet commander doesn’t have to remind me to turn on my hardeners in combat.
☐ I’m easy going and don’t take criticism and trashtalk personally.

Did you mark all or the majority of them with a :white_check_mark:? Perfect! Then you’re not far from finding the right corporation for you!

What else should you bring?

  • Preferably interest in PvP (but we don’t force anyone to fly fleets every day)
  • Some brain (atleast in fleets pls! :pray: :slight_smile: )

We will support you with everything else!

So what can you expect?

  • Teamspeak³ & Mumble & Discord Server
  • SRP and ships for PvP (for newcomers)
    (o̵r̵ ̵i̵f̵ ̵y̵o̵u̵ ̵a̵r̵e̵ ̵s̵o̵ ̵p̵o̵o̵r̵ ̵t̵h̵a̵t̵ ̵y̵o̵u̵ ̵h̵a̵v̵e̵ ̵t̵o̵ ̵r̵u̵n̵ ̵h̵i̵g̵h̵s̵e̵c̵ ̵i̵n̵c̵u̵r̵s̵i̵o̵n̵s̵)
  • A set up wormhole system
  • Possibilties to make lots of ISK
  • Small, mid and (sometimes) large scale PvP
  • Very active community (Alliance)
  • Experienced fleetcommander and players
  • Regular PvP-Roams as well as trainings (PVP & PVE)
  • Wide range of doctrine ships
  • Help with ALL problems/questions
  • FC training
  • & much more

Hmm… did I forget something?.. Ahh right:


LOADS OF t̵e̵a̵r̵s̵ ̵f̵r̵o̵m̵ ̵y̵o̵u̵r̵ ̵e̵n̵e̵m̵i̵e̵s̵ TRASHTALK!!! ¯\(ツ)

Well? Do you feel like it? Quick, contact us!

Our Public channel:


Our recruiters:



And Killboard:

Our german “top notch” recruiting Video :slight_smile:

Why Goons hate us:

Easy frags:

Blackout Test Nyx kill:

Interest in fragging officer-fit Rorqs?

Or Supers?

One of the vehements killed only 35 times so far is due to us:

And the very first Keepstar that was destroyed was initiated by our core members:

Our public Channel:



Bump!! :slight_smile:

Want exciting fights like this? Battle Report Tool Join us!! :slight_smile:


Love these guys :slight_smile:

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@Mara_Quinn :heart: :blush:

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Hello, which area of disc’s do you guys live in and operate out of?

Hey mate, we are currently living in Tribute. We are close to Low&Highsec. A lot of possibilities for PvP and PvE here!!

Bump!! :slight_smile:

We are back to Wormhole life!! :mechanical_arm:

Click here to see the post again!! :slight_smile:

First day of PvP in our new alliance! :skull_and_crossbones: :fire:

Alliance Public: 553M


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